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Online Corporate or Conference Yoga Classes

Help your employees or your online conference attendees to recharge their batteries through the fluid movements of yoga and encourage them to be more relaxed in the workplace.

Are you, as company, start-up or organization, looking for a way to make your employees or conference attendees less stressed, healthier, happier and therefore more gratified and connected with the organization? Then you are in the right place! 

Offering them regular or occasional yoga classes at work is the perfect way to help them to find their balance among work, physical movement and mental relaxation.

I myself started to practice yoga on a regular base, thanks to the Berliner high tech company I was working for. There I had the chance to participate to yoga classes twice per week, during the lunch break, comfortably in the sport room at the office. So I can definitely testify that having the opportunity to practice yoga in the workplace makes people more motivated to face new challenges, makes them able to easily deal with stress and consequently helps to achieve better results.

Previous and current collaborations:


Contact me to find out the most suitable yoga style for your employees or your conference/event and to get more general information on how my offer works.

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