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SìYoga Late Summer Edition is starting NOW

After the August Summer Break, SìYoga is ready and thrilled to restart with the yoga live online sessions from the beach of Olmeto in Corse! Yes, I liked sooo much this place that after my holiday in Italy I came back here! So from now and for the next 2 weeks I'm enjoying this calm September at the beach, breathing fresh air and practicing a lot of yoga in front of my camping tend.

The summer is finishing, so sadly true, but if you still want to feel some late Summer Vibes and move gently your body after your last holiday, this is the good way to start or restart to join my classes!

For the next 2 weeks every 2 days I will lead an Ashtanga based Yoga class. It means there is not a fix schedule, but day and time will change every time. Soooo save the dates and connect with me on the screen, but especially with yourself on the mate:

- Thursday, 10th of September : from 7 to 8 pm

- Saturday, 12th of September: from 6 to 7:30 pm

- Monday, 14th of September: from 12:30 am to 01:30 pm

- Wednesday, 16th of September: from 7 to 8 pm

- Friday, 18th of September: from 7 to 8 pm

- Sunday, 20th of September: from 6 to 7:30 pm

I hope and wish that with this more flexible timetable you will find the opportunity to join one or more of the next 2 weeks classes. Maybe after work, maybe during the lunch break or maybe during the weekend. Just find out when it's the best time for you and then join the live class on Skype!

INSTRUCTIONS TO PARTICIPATE: To join the class, please leave a donation here (before or after the class) and open the Skype Meet Now link 5 minutes before the class starts. Thanks!

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